Company Profile

PT. Lezen Indonesia originally started in Taiwan. The factory was migrated to Indonesia in 1991. It is located near Juanda Internasional Airport. The factory cover about 30,000 square meters.

  • PT. Lezen Indonesia has 3 buildings with arround 800 workers and 45 employees.
  • We have 3 assamble lines and is able to produce around 120,000 pair of shoes per mounth and 1,200,000 pair of shoes per year.
  • We mainly export to Europe, but we also export to Japan, and North America, ... etc.
  • PT. Lezen Indonesia is certified of Social Compliance Audit adn FAMA (Facility and Mechendise Authorized).
  • Our finished shoes are all certified of REACH standards.


Lezen's warehouse consist og leathers from all over the world. We import leathers from Taiwan, China Europe Korea and India...etc.

Cutting Departements

Lezen has different cutting machines for cutting difference type of materials. We belived this is the optimal way to cut material properly. The cutting system that is enforce in Lazen is that we cut the upper pair by pair, instead of parts by parts. This ensure that every pair will be the same.

Stitching Departement

Lezen had 9 stitching lines, within each stitching line, there are at least 3 quality checks to ensure the quality of the upper. The stitching departement also aply pair by system, which ensure every pair of upper is the same. Every pair of upper has to be quality checks before it is delivery to assamble departement.

Assemble Departement

Lezen's assemble departement has 2 branch. The first branch is about making semi-finish products, which are where the soles are being manufacture as semi-finish products. The secon division is about making finished shoes. Lazen has 3 assemble lines with two molding machines. The assembling departement also carry out pair by system, which ensure the quality of shoes. Lezen's finish shoes are 100% inspect by customer's QC before it is export.

R&D Departement

One of the adventage of Lezen is that, our R&D departement is within the factory. This allows Lezen to be able develop and complete prototypes that are requested by customer at a faster pace.

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Tel : +62 31 866 - 6777

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